The Regenerative Ed Network

For committed educational professionals who believe a more alive educational system is possible.

What we're up to.

We're building a network of talented and caring educational professionals who are hitting consistent cultural and structural roadblocks in our educational system and want to collaborate on what is possible. We center our co-creation around regeneration-- which, for us, means creating a system that will create more life.

By life, we don't necessarily mean more babies. We mean more aliveness: more joy, more critical thought, more purpose, more movement, more connection-- you get the picture.

Our students (not to mention our ed professionals, like you) spend so much valuable time in the educational system. Let's leverage that time to create a more thriving society, based on what we know about how ecology works, not how machines work.

If that sounds like you, welcome to our oasis.

Click "request to join" above and fill out a few super-brief questions so we can properly welcome you to the group. :)

P.S. It's totally fund-free. We just ask that you contribute by participating.

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